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Barney Building & Land Company, L.L.C. is a local firm jointly owned by Jenny Richey (Omaha) and Greg Barney (Kearney). 

We have operated this subsidiary advertising business since 1998 utilizing double-stack, back-to-back vinyl poster panels.  In 2008 we upgraded our signs to Watchfire Digital Billboards.

As a local firm, we strive to provide personal service together with flexible and  rapid response to the needs of our clients.

We appreciate your interest!

Greg Barney, Manager

Our Consultants

NOTE:  We can provide image design to meet your needs.  For specialty work we have access to a professional graphics artist with substantial experience in design for digital billboards.


Wally Thompson / Graphic Designer

Wally Thompson

Click the PDF link for a viewable sample of Wally's portfolio

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