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Digital Billboard Campaign Options
Our billboards each have a maximum of 6 timespots.  Per local code, a timespot has a 10-second hold time.  So, each timespot repeats every 60 seconds.  Multiple images can rotate in a timespot at no extra charge:  Image 1, 60 seconds later Image 2, 60 seconds later Image 3, etc.  Multiple images are effective to showcase services, staff, products, website, promotions.

Depending upon availability, it may be possible to utilize 1/2 timespot.  In that case an image repeats every 120 seconds and the rate is 1/2 the full timespot rate for the commitment chosen.

Image updates, additions and deletions can be made at no extra charge during a campaign.

I can create images and demos at no charge.  However, I am not a graphics artist.  We can provide a Specifications worksheet to your creative department for color and font suggestions plus file format.

We can add time/temperature, count-down or count-up at no charge.  These features draw viewer attention.  In addition, we can provide several dynamic display options.  These include RSS feeds plus input utilizing Instagram, Twitter and Dropbox.  These techniques can assist in client social network support.  See our Media tab and the Dynamic Media file for examples.
Standard Commitment Periods
We market campaigns based on a 4-week (28 day) term.  There are thirteen 4-week terms in 52 weeks.

The basic term is a 4-week commitment and begins at 12:00 a.m. on any available day.  The term will end at 11:59 p.m. of the last day, unless an earlier end time is desired.

Increasing discounts are available for longer term commitments of 12, 24 or 52 weeks.

Network discounts are available.  A 5% discount applies to a commitment utilizing 2 signs.  A 10% discount applies if the entire network of 3 signs is desired.

Our rate cards are net, and assume payment within 15 days of term start date.  If net 30 or net 60 term payment is requested, a small surcharge will apply.  We do accept credit card payment.