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Cutting Edge Technology

No Production Charges !

Our Watchfire digital signs are 12x24 with a 19mm resolution.  They are each programmed with six timespots.  Per code, a timespot maintains a 10-second hold time so a message is repeated every 60 seconds.


Since a timespot can include multiple images, dayparting and changing rotations at no extra charge, it is easy to utilize this medium to showcase facilities, staff, services, products or special promotions!

2nd Avenue Outbound


Audience Potential       1,043,910

(Based on 28-day cycle)


On North 2nd Avenue we will deliver your message to outbound traffic on the way to Hilltop Mall plus box stores, or points east and west on the 39th Street arterial.


Traffic is slower on this primary artery and during heavy traffic offers the advantage of longer viewing times due to traffic backups.  This location has the highest traffic count of any digital sign in Kearney.





Hwy 30 Outbound


Audience Potential          649,950

(Based on 28-day cycle)


Our East Highway 30 location is perfect to capture the attention of commuters and visitors traveling to and from Kearney as well as the agricultural, business and industrial tracts.  Tourists and visitors on the way to Cabela's pass by this location.


This location is the primary eastern portal to the City of Kearney.



Hwy 30 Inbound


Audience Potential         649,950

(Based on 28-day cycle)


Viewers can see the sign colors and images changing from a long distance, thus drawing attention to the sign as traffic approaches and legibility improves.


Commuters and visitors on their way to Kearney via the eastern portal pass this way, as well as Cabela's patrons returning to the city.